Mariposa Landing

Mariposa Landing

Margaret Nava

$14.95 November 2010
ISBN 978-1-935661-99-3

Heartwarming women's fiction

The third book in the Angela Dunn series

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Synopsis Excerpt

When sixty-ish Angel Dunn left Indiana for the exotic world of south Florida in EGRET COVE, she was a lonely aging snowbird with dreams of tropical adventure but no real hope of new passions. Then she met an invigorating group of new friends, got caught up in some gently wild adventures, and fell in love with a worldly Italian name Gilberto. Next, now married, she and Gilberto moved to the wilds of HUMMINGBIRD RIDGE, West Virginia, where they started their married life by raising goats and battling dilemmas that included Angela's health crisis, Gilberto's mysterious lady friend and a loving intervention for Angela's hard-drinking brother, Tony.

Now, in MARIPOSA LANDING, Angela travels to the lovely Gulf coast of Alabama to meet Rebecca, the daughter she was forced to give up for adoption decades ago. With Gilberto's adoring support, Angela becomes the mother (and grandmother) she's always wanted to be, and helps her troubled grandson discover the peaceful road he was meant to travel. Finally, after years of turmoil and searching, Angela fully embraces the powerful faith and joy she calls the Circle of Life.


A sign at the entrance to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park said the park closed promptly at four o'clock—the digital clock on the car dashboard registered four-seventeen.

"Maybe we can come back tomorrow,” suggested Gilberto.

Neither agreeing nor disagreeing with her husband, Angela nodded silently. Even though it would have been interesting to tour the battleship, at the moment, she was only concerned with what was going to happen later that evening. All of the arrangements for the trip—the hotel, the meeting place, even the dinner reservations—had been finalized by a travel agent. That could mean one of two things: either Rebecca Taylor was an extremely busy woman, or she really wasn't eager to meet her birth mother.

Gilberto maneuvered the car out of the museum's parking lot and headed south along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. The road was lined with reddish-brown pine trees, some as tall as fifty feet and as broad as three feet across. A manicured parkway divided northbound from southbound traffic. There was no sign of litter, garbage or weeds. Everything looked so pristine. Angela rolled down her window. Even the air smelled clean. They were only 800 hundred miles from West Virginia, but it felt as if they'd been transported to a different world—a strange, unpredictable world.

They passed through several small towns before seeing the sign for Stapleton. "Five more miles,” declared Gilberto.

Angela nodded again. She wished she hadn't given up smoking all those years ago. She'd kicked the habit right after her divorce from Carl, her first husband. It seemed like such a good idea at the time—now she wasn't so sure. She opened the glove compartment and started rummaging around.

"What are you looking for?” asked Gilberto.

"I don't know,” mumbled Angela. "Candy. Gum. Anything.” Finding a long-forgotten cough drop, she removed the wrapper and popped it into her mouth. It was stale and chalky, but there was enough menthol left to make her search seem almost worthwhile.

As they pulled into Stapleton, Angela was stunned. Fully expecting to find something similar to West Virginia, she was amazed at how the homes in this small town resembled the palatial mansions in Hollywood movies. Almost without exception, the large white houses lining both sides of the road were boxy and symmetrical with hipped roofs, evenly spaced windows, and large, wraparound porches. Recalling the power and idealism of wealthy landowners in the American South prior to the Civil War, stately Greek pillars flanked the double-doored central entrances. Angela tried to remember what they called that type of architecture. Antebellum? Yes, that was it, antebellum. But was antebellum an architectural style or a period? She wasn't sure.

The downtown area of the town was a gathering of quaint boutiques and antique shops interspersed with museums, restaurants, churches, and a gourmet cheese and wine purveyor's shop. Angela considered asking Gilberto to stop so she could pick up some wine and cheese for Rebecca, but quickly changed her mind. What if Rebecca didn't approve of drinking?

The road suddenly dipped, revealing a large harbor filled with outrigger fishing trawlers and sleek yachts. A long wooden pier, seeming to point the way to the great unknown, extended far beyond the boats. Halfway down the pier, an elderly man slowly cast a six-foot-wide net into the choppy water.

"This place is beautiful,” exclaimed Angela.

"Sì, it is,” agreed Gilberto. "I hope we will have time to see it all.”

Angela held her breath. Ever since Gilberto announced he'd found Rebecca, Angela had looked forward to meeting her daughter. Now she wasn't so sure. What if Rebecca held a grudge because she'd been given up for adoption? What if she planned to use the meeting to give Angela a piece of her mind? Even worse, what if she refused to see Angela ?

Instead of stopping at the pier, Gilberto made a sharp left turn and continued out of town. Almost immediately, the scenery changed. Now, instead of grand old southern mansions, most of the homes on this road were modest cottages and bungalows. A child's Big Wheel sat unattended in one yard; a flat-bottomed Jon boat leaned against a tree in another. Obviously a working-class neighborhood, Angela wondered if this was where her daughter lived.

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