Creola's Moonbeam

Creola's Moonbeam

Milam McGraw Propst
Author of Ociee on Her Own

$14.95 June 2006
ISBN: 0-9768760-3-5

Honey Butler is middle-aged crazy and suffering from writer's block. She heads to the Florida beaches for inspiration. An unexpected friendship with a wise old beachcomber changes Honey's perspective forever.

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The film of Milam last book, The Adventures of Ociee Nash, is available at your local movie store! 20th Century Fox has recently released the DVD/video.

When you watch it, take a close look at the actor who plays famed inventor, Orville Wright. He's none other than Ty Pennington, hunky actor-turned-TV-carpenter, from the hit series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Also notice teenage actor Lucas Till. Currently he's playing Johnny Cash's brother, Jack, in the hit film, Walk The Line.


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Honey Newberry, a successful Atlanta writer, has been hit by a double whammy: Writer's block and the middle-age crazies. She heads for the Gulf beaches of Florida, determined to spend the summer getting her groove back. There she finds unexpected inspiration from a joyful neighbor--the mysterious and flamboyant Beatrice--whose zest for life reminds Honey of another wise woman--Creola Moon, the wise and amazing nanny who encouraged Honey's childhood dreams

As Beatric lures Honey into a series of adventures, Honey shares her funny, poignant stories about marriage, children, sisterhood, and the fabulous Creola. Together in spirit, Beatrice and Creola teach Honey what it truly means to enjoy life.


Source: Midwest Book Review
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner

Creola's Moonbeam is a deep book at a woman believing she has nothing let to offer to herself, her loved ones, or anyone for that matter, since she seemingly lost her ability to write. Honey is a terrific protagonist as her woes and her life lessons make for a powerful insightful look at aging. With the combined teachings of Beatrice and Crellie, "Moonbeam" begins to learn that life is to enjoy, as you only have one shot at it. Milam McGraw Propst provides a strong, inspirational character study.


I stood in a condominium overlooking the beautiful Gulf beaches of Florida, but my attention was on myself. I'd left my husband, Beau, at home in Atlanta, thankfully. Naked, I gazed into the bedroom mirror. Students, teachers, writing, family, war and famine, world chaos--those concerned me not. A crime had been committed. Someone had stolen my youthful body and replaced it with one of an aging fat woman.

The tag on my Magik-Slim promised my brand-new, magically slimming swimsuit would take off ten pounds. I was a desperate woman. I took the bathing suit from its shopping bag. Right foot, left foot. I stepped in, wriggling and tugging, until up over my thighs rolled the black, floral-splashed suit.

"Curses on all cookies and crackers. Curses on sitting too much, munching and typing. Curses on summer.” Sucking in my stomach with a gasp, I jerked upward until my ample form compressed into the slim suit. "It's magic all right. It's turned an ordinary woman into a giant bratwurst.”

I wandered into the bathroom and viewed myself in that mirror. It was not a pretty sight. Each of the suit's orange, pink, and purple tropical blossoms had been strategically positioned to emphasize every major figure flaw--my ample butt, my small boobs, and my fat belly. Thank you, Magik-Slim.

I squeezed 50 SPF sunscreen onto my palm and slathered it over my lily-white body. Actually, that's lily-white with brown splotches, more akin to the hide of a giraffe. I remain determined to hold my own against a lifetime of well-earned sun damage. A childhood of unprotected play outside, coupled with the slathering on of iodine and baby oil, followed by college years devoted to tanning on the roof of the sorority house, had accomplished its mission.

That said, it frequently occurs to me that, were all the age spots to run together, I might just have the perfect tan. My unyielding dermatologist, Dr. Cox, vehemently disagrees with the concept.

Only when covered from forehead to toe with the cream, he insists, am I sufficiently protected from the rays of the sun. As usual, Dr. Cox wins. Donning my floppy straw hat and long-sleeved white shirt, I paused to again view myself, this time in the entry hall mirror. Was I expecting an improvement?

I would lie to myself. Employ an affirmation.

"Fetching, Honey Newberry, you are positively fetching.”

I sighed and headed outdoors. How I longed for the simplicity, and good skin, of childhood.

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