Diary of a Radical Mermaid

Diary of a Radical  Mermaid

Deborah Smith

$14.95 July 2004
ISBN 0-9673035-7-5

The sexy, raucous merfolk are back as one of their most tart-tongued socialites sets out to make over a frumpy children's book author who doesn't realize she's a mermaid at heart.

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Glamour, mystery, romance, humor and webbed toes are all back in full fin as rambunctious mer-socialite Juna Lee Poinfax invades the dignified coastal world of the Bonavendier clan. Determined to chronicle Mer life for her on-line journal, Juna Lee instead dives into Lilith Bonavendier's latest scheme to awaken the "inner mermaid" in an unsuspecting distant relative. World-famous author M.M. (Molly) Revere--who writes the mega-successful Water Hyacinth series, about a group of children who are secretly mermaids--is a shy, plain-footed young woman with nothing but vague clues to her extraordinary family link to the mer world. After Juna Lee--working for Lilith--lures the likable Molly to the Georgia coast, both Molly and Juna Lee find themselves in the middle of trouble. Mer-hunk Rhymer McEvers has come to Sainte's Point Island to hide his three remarkable nieces from their mysterious and possibly murderous mer-father--a man who may be more myth than reality, but dangerous either way. Molly has to face the reality of her heritage while falling in love with the enigmatic Rhymer and helping him protect his nieces from a danger so amazing even the Water People can barely believe it.


Source: A Romance Review
Reviewer: Kari Thomas, Kari's Korner

Ms. Smith has created a world of fascinating characters, intriguing plots, and tender love, and readers will no doubt brand this book as a "keeper."

Source: The Romance Reader
Reviewer: Susan Scribner

Once again Smith creates credible fantasy world that is eminently more attractive than our own. Smith's appendix provides additional background on Mer history and culture and leaves the reader wanting more.

Source: In the Library Reviews
Reviewer: Ayden Delacroix

Hilariously funny, edge--your-seat suspense, tender romances, an amazing world and unforgettable characters combine to make Diary of a Radical Mermaid a must read. Deborah Smith has outdone herself.

Source: The Best Reviews
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner

This romantic fantasy is a combination of romance, chick- lit and conspiracy thriller. Deborah Smith creates a world of Mers that is so believable readers will believe they celebrate the world and have the ability to do it if some brave Mers do not stop them. DIARY OF A RADICAL MERMAID is a cross between Lara Croft's Tomb Raider and Daryl Hannah's Splash. Ms Smith is a joy to read because she knows how to give pleasure to readers who want something magical.

Source: The Best Reviews
Reviewer: Lenore Howard

This second book in Ms. Smith's WaterLilies series (following ALICE AT HEART) is a magical mixture of humor, adventure and romance. The love story between Molly and Rhymer has the beauty of a fairy tale, while Juna Lee provides pop culture references and her own unique perspective on things in the "chick-lit" style. Readers will find her equally fascinating and irritating! As an additional treat, an addendum in the back of the book gives more insight into Mer culture and history. So suspend your disbelief from the highest yardarm and dive into this story, a tale as light and frothy as seafoam...The perfect summer read!

Source: RT Bookclub
Reviewer: Jill M. Smith

The Merfolk are back for round two in New York Times bestselling author Smith's magical WaterLilies series. Filled with humor, adventure and paranormal thrills, this book alternates between the hilarious diary entries of Juna Lee and the dynamic saga of Molly and Rhymer.


I was herding Paris Hilton and her shopping entourage down a Manhattan boulevard when I broke the biggest rule of mermaid life: Don't show your tail in public. It seemed like such an innocent joke, dissing Donald Trump. But a Mer-babe of real class does not, simply does not, shout across Fifth Avenue, "Bad hair is NOT a symbol of self-confidence! For godssake, Donald, the seventies are OVER. Stop with the comb-over, already! Or shave your head and get some transplants!"

Doing a bitch slap on a man's hair is never a good thing, especially if a loud, beautiful redhead (me) yells at his (The Donald's) hair in the company of a famous heiress (Paris "I'm just your ordinary rich girl" Hilton, who asked for my fashion guidance after recent public fiascos) while a crew from Entertainment Tonight happens to be filming his (The Donald's) Manhattan stroll. Because then they started filming The Donald's hair. Donald's a charming and rich man, but like most ordinary, plain-footed people on the planet he thinks he rules the whole globe when, in fact, he only rules the dry parts. The rest, which is covered in sweet, deep water, belongs to us - the Mer folk, aka Water People, aka People of Water, if you want to be politically correct about it.

Landers, one fourth. Mers, three fourths. Who's more important? Donald or me? You do the math.

Still, I shouldn't have pissed him off when he was on the verge of signing a huge New York real estate deal with Riyad bin Mahadeen, who is a) Lilith Bonavendier's lover, meaning, like, he's the prince consort to the queen of all Mers in the entire southeastern United States and b) Riyad is one of the world's richest men, Mer or Lander and c) he's a senior member of the worldwide Mer Council.

"Juna Lee Poinfax," Donald told Riyad, "has to be locked in a room somewhere and forced to look at pictures of my hair until she apologizes to me."

Horrors. I refused.

So Donald pulled out on the multi-million dollar deal, and Riyad banished me from polite Mer society for costing him a small fortune, and, thus, here I am, just another Mer rebel without a cause, sentenced to community service in the boondocks. Jane Austin could have written my woeful tale of class and privilege purloined, it's so sad. She was a mermaid three times removed on her father's side, you know.

Anyway, here I sit. Serving time on the beautiful but bucolic Georgia coast. What am I to do? How can I possibly preserve my J'en est se quoi de mermaid?

I know. I'll start a diary. A really hell-raising one.

Be warned. Mermaid at work.

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