Pets Who Live With Writers

Kiki Sundance
Furbear When Cartoon Kitty, Demon Kitty, and Fur Bear aren’t keeping Bill Allen company, they are biting his ankles and sharpening their claws

Mauli and toy Mauli Sitting
Author Marilee Brothers lives with Mauli

Pam and Mo Mo is the prototype hellhound who lives with Parker Blue

Lucky, the cat, makes life difficult at the Dixon house Lucky

Summer Summer
After being rescued from Homeward Bound for Kathleen Eagle, Beauty is also the movie star of home videos with the grandkids.

Maverick Maverick loves to walk his owner, Eve Gaddy. This is one of his favorites.

Turnip Ann Turnip Ann and Pixie
Only Maureen Hardegree (Mossy Creek author) would be owned by cats named "Turnip Ann" and "Pixie"

Simon gets in the hair of Kathleen Hodges and her daughter Maggie Simon Hodges

No Bed Left for Trish There is no place for Trish Jensen to move on her king size bed with Foxy the cat, Cassie the lab, and Smedley the golden retriever.
Cassie Smedley

Lymond Lymond
The Can-Opener of Lymond, Monsieur le Comte de Sevigny is Lynn Kerstan

Jake Maggie Lou
Jake the "Not Quite Fat Dog” and Maggie Lou the "Psycho Cutie Girl” are both rescued dogs that absolutely adore Kathryn Magendie.

Tippi Birkett Morris The dog who owns Ellen Birkett Morris--Tippi

Katie Winston

Katie and Winston enjoy the Colorado snow with Cindi Myers.

The dog Bella hangs out with Milam Propst Bella and Milam

Lilly RIpley Lily and Ripley belong to new Bell Bridge Books author, Elizabeth Sinclair.

Jane Singer, Daughter and Pet Caspy
Jane Singer, her daughter Jessica and Caspy

Deborah Smith's self-portrait includes one of her cats Deb Smith and cats
Smudge Sam
Smudge is one of Deborah's owners Sam is the other

Missy Tippens writes with a dog or two at her feet each day. And sometimeswith a persnickety cat if the cat deems her good enough. Sooty
Missy Tippens' Dogs Missy's dogs

BD Pepper
Gayle Trent has BD, B and Pepper to keep her company while she writes
Toothless Kairi
Okay, this is Toothless, named by Kaitlin Bevis's daughter after her favorite dragon. She loves to sit next to Kaitlinwhile I write and when she's not snuggling, she takes her role as dragon-in-training very seriously. She sleeps in this training arena, unprompted, every night, despite the existence of a very comfy cat tree. And this is Kaitlin's other kitty, Kairi, named for the Kingdom Hearts character. She’s much more demanding than her sister and often ups my word count by walking across the keyboard when I don’t pay enough attention to her. Her meow could shatter windows. Ignore her at your peril.