What Editors Want

On the Light Side:

1. Sweet, warm, relatively wholesome women's fiction including "hen lit." Books with an inspirational/Christian theme are fine, but we emphasize that we're not known as a Christian publisher and our main focus is the general fiction market. 

2. Cozy mysteries.  We'd like to find more great mystery series which explore unique and colorful worlds. 

3. Compelling, well-researched Civil War fiction. 

4. Young Adult Fiction. 

On the Dark Side:

1. Dark, gritty, serious urban fantasy & horror. Vampires, werewolves, and other things that go bump in the night on the mean streets of contemporary life. A book we've currently bought is an epic series about a clan of vampires. (Right, epic means the series spans centuries. You can never trust guidelines.) 

2. Young Adult fantasy fiction. Yes, we'd love to find the next Harry Potter, but our primary focus for the moment is publishing for the teen market. 

3. Fantasy. We're happy to look at "swords and horses,” and just about any fantasy you'd like to query, but the writing has to be fabulous. You've got to bring something unique to the table.