Sunrise Readers' Guide

1. What was you first impression of Anne? Did it change as you realized the theme of Sunrise was trial by fire? Have you ever had a similar trial? Did you come through as gold like Anne? Why or why not?

2. Anne and William could not comfort each other when they faced the first tragedy of their marriage. What did Anne do to overcome their separation? How can we learn from them?

3. How did Anne hold onto her faith when losing her children? What part did her family and Christian friend play in her journey?

4. Anne's fairy palace is the epitome of magnificence. How would you react to living in such a place? It is open to the public for tours. Would you like to visit?

5. Were you moved to tears, as I was writing it, by the true accounts of them trying to defend their hometown? Do we forget what our early settlers went through building our homeland? If we were without food, as they were, what would we do? How selfless Anne was to take in strangers! Many people did that after Katrina. Could you?

6. One of the funniest scenes comes as William fights to protect the town. Why is it funny? Can you find humor to help you through trials?

7. There are three true love stories in Sunrise. Which appeals to you most? Why?

8. What is the legacy of your family? What can you do to forge a bond of family devotion like Anne did? It continues in this family today with a bride returning from another state to marry in Christ Church and have the reception in this beautiful house.