Nostalgic Photos

Be a little patient.
We kept the old photos fairly large so you wouldn't lose picture quality.

Car Hop Mom
Virginia Ellis' mom (R) and her friend, Cleo, dressed for work as car hops on Miami Beach, circa 1940.
Home Place
The "old home place" of one of our authors.

the old barn
The "old home place" barn.

Mom's baby
Southerners are also big on snapping photos in front of bushes.
Kids on the porch
Front porches were and are wonderful places to sit for the family portrait. Notice the old wooden steps on the stoop of this porch.

Is it any wonder that Southern Belles can bring men to their knees with nothing more than eyelashes and a smile?
Not only is this child charming, she's the real life mother of one of our authors!
Gin's Mother
Virginia Ellis' grandmother was certainly a stylish woman.
This strong independent woman probably has a few stories of her own to tell.
(Photographer unknown)
Logging runs in the family
Debra Dixon's family didn't realize how long the lumber and forestry industry had been a "family" occupation until this old photo was uncovered in a trunk.
(photographer unknown)