KaseyBelle, The Tiniest Fairy in the Kingdom Readers' Guide

Questions and ideas for the storyteller's young audience.

1. Kaseybelle feels very small and very different from the other fairies. Have you ever felt different from everybody else? But that's okay, isn't it? Because everybody's different, and everybody's special.

2. Kaseybelle finds out that she can do ANYTHING if she has friends like Rhett, the dragonfly, to help her. Do you have friends who help you? Why is it important to have friends?

3. Ivan the Giant is scary! But when Kaseybelle becomes his friend, he turns out to be nicer. Do your friends help you be nice? Do you help your friends be nice?

4. If you have a problem, like Kaseybelle with Ivan, do you know who to ask for help?