Her Best Catch Reader Guide

1.At the beginning of the story, Allison feels like a fifth wheel when her two best friends start dating. Have you ever felt like that? What steps did you take to quit feeling that way?

2.When Allison first meets Ashton, dating him is the furthest thing from her mind. Have you ever had a situation develop that snuck up on you? Did you go back and reflect on how it all happened?

3.Allison has very strong convictions about saving herself for marriage. She states it has cost her some relationships. Have you ever had a strong belief that has cost you a relationship? How did you handle the situation?

4.Allison is surrounded by women in her family who love her. How do you think this has impacted her as a woman? Have you had women in your life you have looked up to? Were they family members?

5.Allison and Ashton come from different backgrounds. Their current lifestyles are very different. How do you think they will each adjust to living in each other’s world? Do you think it will be difficult?

6.Allison struggles with her friendship with Braedyn. Do you have a friend you struggle with? A friend you love, but sometimes don’t understand?

7.Allison has a group of believers she feels comfortable with. Do you have a group of people who believe the same things you do? How does that impact your life and decision making?

8.Allison realizes she was looking for a certain kind of guy for the wrong reasons. Have you had this experience? What circumstances caused you to realize what was truly important?

9.Allison is in for a surprise when she throws her mother a surprise party. How would you handle this situation?

10.Allison and Ashton both realize compromise is a part of every good relationship. How have you compromised in relationships? Do you feel closer to that person? How did you feel when you realized someone had compromised for you?