The Goddess of Fried Okra Readers' Guide

1. Have you ever taken a road trip to find yourself? If not, do you wish you had...or think you might still do so?

2. Pea begins her journey lost in the landscape of grief, and for much of the book she is looking for Sister and hoping for signs to lead her there. How much of her search is motivated by a belief that she will actually find Sister reincarnated?

3. Pea says once Sister died, she lost all she ever knew of home, that all she knew of family came from Sister. What does it mean to have a family? Is family always comprised of those related by blood?

4. What significance does fried okra play in this book?

5. Is there a theme among the markers quoted in the book? Does your state have similar markers? What's the most interesting one you've ever seen? Which one did you like best in the book?

6. How do you feel about how Mama mothered Pea? Was Sister more of a mother than Mama was? Are there other mother figures in this book?

7. Female power is a theme in this book. Which characters demonstrate aspects of female power to Pea?

8. How does Pea learn who she is? What influences have shaped her as the book begins? Who are her guides as the book proceeds? Are there people in your life who've served as guides for you in your own journey toward understanding yourself?

9. Given Val's background, why do you think he's returned to Jewel? Do you believe he's gone straight or not? Is Ray as influential on Val as Lorena is on Pea? Do you think Pea and Val have a future together? If you do, what do you think that future consists of?

10. The importance of sisters is another theme in the book. How does having or not having a sister impact a woman's life? If you lose a sister, can you ever fill that place in your heart?

11.How important is the world of women in your life? Do you think that as you age, your women friends become more important or less so?