Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why are you BelleBooks AND Bell Bridge Books?

BelleBooks and Bell Bridge books are "imprints.” An imprint is a division with a specific focus in publishing. BelleBooks specializes in wholesome Southern fiction and special projects such as Nell Dickerson's photo-essay book, GONE: A PHOTOGRAPHIC PLEA FOR PRESERVATION. Bell Bridge Books publishes a broad range of genres and has no regional bias. Writers should just submit and we'll worry about the proper imprint if we should make an offer for the book.

2) Do you pay an advance?

Yes. (An advance is a sum of money paid at the time a book is acquired by the publisher. The money is an "advance” against the future royalties.) We acquire world print, electronic, audio and a variety of other subrights.

3) Can bookstores order your books? Will I be able to do booksignings?

Any bookstore can order our books from either of the two largest wholesalers in the country (Ingram Books and Baker & Taylor) or directly from our warehouse. Or even from some of the smaller wholesalers. Booksellers can easily get the print books if they choose. Our print books are also available for sale on Amazon,, and directly to the consumer from our website.

4) Are your books traditional print runs?

It depends. Just like large New York publishers, BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books chooses a printing method that suits the demand for a title. We utilize both traditional offset print runs and print-on-demand technology. Regardless of the printing method, BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books maintains book stock for all titles in our warehouse.

You've probably bought many digitally printed book titles and never known. Large New York publishers have been using digital printing for backlist (older) titles with less demand for years. Stacking books in warehouses makes no logical sense. Digital printing with just-in-time inventory management is a green alternative to pulping unwanted paperbacks and waste from over-printing. With digital printing, publishers can keep your title viable and avoid the dreaded "out of print” designation.

5) Do you publish the electronic book first? And are there any sales requirements before putting a book into a print version?

All our books are published in print and ebook versions simultaneously. Selected books will be released in audio versions at later dates. Due to the increasing popularity of ebooks in recent years, ebook sales have become a major focus for many of our titles. 

6) Will I have to do revisions? Will my book be copyedited?

Usually. And yes. You will be heartily sick of looking at your book by the time it finally comes out. The cycle is revision, line edit, copy edit, and finally the galley or "page proofs” before the book goes to print.

7) Do I have to query first? And what do you want to see?

Yes, query first. See our section "For Writers” to obtain detailed submission guidelines, tips and points of contact.

8) How long will it be before I hear a response on my query?

We used to be fast with queries. Those days are gone. Most queries are answered within three to six months. Usually if the book is simply not right for us, you'll hear very quickly. For queries that require evaluation and thought...those take longer.

9) How long before my book will be published?

Established publishers work well in advance of publication-- usually a year or more from the purchase of a title to publication. On some occasions a book might be published more quickly, but this (BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books) is not instant publishing. Editorial development, packaging, production, and marketing all take time.

10) How do you promote your titles?

Click here for our promotional information.

11) Do you assign an ISBN and file for copyright in the author's name?


12) Do you consider previously published books?

If you are an author with a national track record with large publishers, we're happy to talk about publishing books on which the rights have reverted to you. We are actively acquiring backlist, particularly ebook rights. As of June 2011 we are handling backlist for a number of well-known authors, including Jill Barnett, Vicki Hinze, Virginia Brown and Janelle Taylor.