What the Editor Wants for Fantasy

What the Editor wants for...


We're happy to look at "swords and horses,” and just about any fantasy you'd like to query, but the writing has to be fabulous. You've got to bring something unique to the table. Anne Bishop's Jewels novels are an example. (Anne Bishop has contributed to BelleBooks' Mossy Creek series.) Who doesn't love George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Kate Elliott, Robin Hobb, Dave Duncan, Glen Cook, David Drake, Simon R. Green, C.S. Freidman, Lois McMaster Bujold, Anne McCaffery? The list goes on. We've left many fabulous authors off that short list, but you get the drift.

Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Dark and Gritty is a sweet spot. We like dark. But we'll look at lighter books, too. And we love dark books that can also deliver great humor. Feel free to submit, vampires, werewolves, and other things that go bump in the night on the mean streets of contemporary life.

Read our authors Kalayna Price and Anthony Francis. Other authors you should read: Ilona Andrews, Laurell K. Hamilton, Robin McKinley (Sunshine), Patricia Briggs, Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, etc. Again, the list of great authors is long and distinguished.


We will look at straight, traditional horror. Voice is incredibly important for this genre. Flinging bloody body parts around isn't enough. You need a plot. A good one. A fabulous character and a voice that makes us forget that traditional Horror is a small target to hit when you're trying to find readers. There is no getting around that this is a niche market with smaller sales and fewer readers.

Steampunk, Gaslight, ________punk, Weird West, etc.

Bring it. We'd like to see it.


This is well-loved by our Suspense/Mystery editor. Please query Pat Van Wie.

Paranormal Romance

We'll look, but be warned. Romance masquerading as fantasy doesn't work for us. If you don't regularly read urban fantasy, horror and "regular” fantasy, that lack of familiarity with the fantasy genre will show in your writing and your plotting. We want strong, fresh books. SF/futuristic are welcome.

Non-fantasy Young adult

Our list aims for the teen reader and the cross-over market. If you're a "Southern Louise Rennison,” that would catch our attention. Humor is always a plus. Read Meg Cabot. We'd love to see books featuring teen boys as protagonists. We're happy to see dark edgy books on serious subjects.

Young Adult fantasy fiction

Yes, we'd love to find the next Harry Potter, but our primary focus for the moment is publishing for the teen market. Read our authors Parker Blue, Marilee Brothers and Trish Milburn (coming soon). If you read and love: Holly Black, Stephanie Meyer, Laura Whitcomb (A Certain Slant Of Light), Neil Gaiman, Scott Westerfeld, Robin McKinley, Suzanne Collins, Lauren Destefano (Wither) etc., you're probably writing something we'd love to see.

Middle Grade Fantasy

No middle grade being considered at this time.

Regency Urban Fantasy

Yep. You read that right. I'd love to see some fabulous "urban fantasy” inspired Regency.