Astronaut Noodle and the Planet Velocity Readers' Guide

Questions and ideas for the storyteller's young audience.

1. The kids and adults on Planet Velocity move too fast! Have you ever thought that grown-ups do things too fast?

2. At first, Astronaut Noodle can't get any of the kids on Planet Velocity to play with him. When you want other kids to play with you, what do you say to them?

3. The children on Planet Velocity play Floozeball. What is your favorite ball game?

4. Have you ever wished you could fly like Astronaut Noodle when he puts on his jet pack?

5. Would you like to visit another planet? What would you like to find there? How would you like it to be different from our planet?

6. Mrs. Flooze has a dog named Fluffy. Do you have a pet? What is its name?

7. Do you have a camera? If you did, what would take pictures of?