Wally Avett

Wally AvettWally Avett is a semi-retired Realtor in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. He lives in a little town, sometimes compared to Mayberry, where he was the Editor-in-chief throughout the seventies for the local weekly newspaper.

"My father was a preacher,” he says, "and I grew up with good storytellers all around me, both friends and family.” He has also met many colorful characters over the years and they inspire and infuse his writing today. "For me, good writing has to be based on truth. I write like an Appalachian granny makes quilts; producing fiction that is actually fashioned from bits and pieces of raw truth.”

Some truth, of course, comes from actual experiences. "My bear-hunting friends are appalled that I can actually write and my literary friends are shocked that I sometimes hunt bears.”

Wally is an avid reader, gardener, and teaches Sunday School. He is also a bluegrass gospel singer, hunter, fisherman, and reluctant handyman. He likes history and telling funny stories. Additionally, he sometimes sells mountain cabins to retirees fleeing the heat of flatland Florida.

His Books from BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

The Last Bigfoot in Dixie
Murder in Caney Fork