Trish Milburn

Trish Milburn

The first book Trish Milburn ever wrote was a romance. She just didn't know it yet. That book,Land of the Misty Gems, was a class project way back in the sixth grade. She wrote the text, illustrated the book with colored pencils, even bound it with twine and pasted a fabric cover on her creation. And now -- mumble, mumble -- years later, she still has that book. It was the beginning of her writing career, even if until the early 1990s that writing consisted mainly of research papers and essay test questions and then newspaper articles.

Trish was born and grew up in Western Kentucky and began reading so long ago she doesn't really remember how it all started. She does remember loving a little book calledThe Runaway Pancake, then the regular treasures that would appear in her mailbox from the Weekly Reader Book Club, then books like the Little House on the Prairie series. The library was one of her favorite places. And even though being a bookworm didn't do wonders for her social life when she was in her teens, she wouldn't trade her love of books for the world.

After college, she worked as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor and still does some freelance writing and copy editing. But most of her writing now is fiction, and no matter what kind of story it is she can't resist putting at least some romance in it alongside the paranormal or suspense elements. Her writing has finaled in Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Contest eight times, winning twice. White Witch, her February 2012 release from Bell Bridge Books, was the 2007 Golden Heart winner in the Young Adult category.

In her free time, she loves watching movies and TV (she bought herself a TiVo when she made her first sale), hiking, reading and road trips.

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Her Books from BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

White Witch