The Quilting Studio

Hello Readers and Quilters!

Welcome to my home studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Please note that it's still a work in progress.

Deb Dixon, Sweet Tea author and President, BelleBooks

Home of the Brave centerCenter medallion (36x36) of my July quilt "Home Of the Brave”

It really is square and will lie flat but the trapunto stuffing pooches it up in weird places.

(I'm trying a technique—trapunto--where you add stuffing to give the quilting a relief quality like on stone carvings. In the old days they slit open the back of the quilt and pushed in extra stuffing and sewed the back back up. The new way adds the stuffing while you're piecing, before you quilt.)

Close up you can see the outline/beginning of the quilting design marked on the inner borders. The red border will be about ¼” once I add the next round. The quilt should be 60x60 unless I keep going after I get to the end of what Ihave designed on paper.

What the trapunto looks like from the backtrapunto

from hallwayFrom the gallery doorway looking into the studio.

(I'm standing in a little hall gallery that I'll hang quilts in. Eventually. Right now it's bare but has the lighting. You'll notice all the walls in the studio are bare too!) The grey block is the design wall. You put pieces of fabric up and they stay just like magic. The trunk holds craft supplies The large storage pieces under the table hold large cuts of fabric because I often buy 4-6 yards of something I really like but don't know what I'm going to do with. The design wall is 8'x8'. I have to use a step ladder to reach the top.

view of roomJust to the right of the door is a table with small ironing board and a selection of fabrics I might use on the current quilt. You can see my chair is totally unsuitable but I've made every quilt I've made in it and haven't gotten around to getting a better one. On the far wall is the big ironing board, my TV and "current work.” That cabinet has quilts staged but not started. The blue box holds templates and drafting supplies. The three-stack holds scraps, a quilt waiting for quilting and my appliqué supplies.

view of roomFrom the other corner. You can see three more chests and more storage bins holding fabric, knitting supplies, scrap batting, etc. I love the chests. All my fabric except for big cuts is stored there and sorted. Various organizing trays on top. In the left upper corner you'll see this nifty basket my mom got me. Holds all my rulers when they aren't strewn across my table.
roomFrom the other side of the room. A good shot of the really long table I love. It's 4x8 and Wayne and I made it ourselves and even put Formica on the top. J Still have to get the electrician back to put in the floor outlet now that I know where I want it. And you can see wall space for hanging quilts.

frameHere's the frame I work on in my den. I usually have one on the frame, one on the design wall, one appliqué project, and one quilt in planning at any given time.