Rebecca Hagan Lee

Rebecca Hagan LeeRebecca Hagan Lee has had many different jobs, earning her beads of experience on the necklace of life with each one, but her desire to write was constant. After graduating from college, she set out to make her mark in the world of television journalism but somewhere along the way, she decided she was a small town girl at heart and settled in a town where the media consisted of a weekly newspaper and an AM radio station.

Seeking a creative outlet, she turned to writing romance and began to write stories far different from those in the world of television news, but not that far removed from the hundreds of episodes of, Daniel Boone, Big Valley, Gunsmoke and Bonanza she had watched growing up. She decided to create stories where good guys win, bad guys lose, prostitutes have hearts of gold and the heroes and heroines who fall in love and persevere are richly rewarded with incredibly bright futures and happy endings. In her world, heroines don't die or get killed off to make way for the next episode's new love interest. Her heroines get their men and help them become ideal husbands, lovers, friends and fathers.

Rebecca lives in a small southern town with her husband, a miniature schnauzer, two rat terriers, a half dozen barn cats, and two extraordinary horses. She is currently seated at the computer working hard to make her dreams come true, or riding off with her hero into the sunset. . .

Her Books from BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

A Regency Holiday