Nancy Knight

Nancy KnightNancy Knight is an award-winning author and artist. She has written twelve novels and has two produced plays.

She has taught writing classes at ART Station, a community arts center near Atlanta for more than ten years. She has served on the national board of directors for Romance Writers of America and as president of her local chapter.

She is a past President of Atlanta Writers Club and former director of Southeastern Writers Association. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Horror Writers Association, Dark River Writers, The Atlanta Writers Club, and The ART Station Playwrights Project.

Nancy is a storyteller, coming from a long line of natural storytellers. Some of her earliest recollections are of sitting on her granny's front porch on warm summer nights and listening to her aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents spin tales about their youth, about the olden times, and ghosts.

The ghost stories were always her favorites. Because of her enjoyment of ghost stories, Knight serves as a storyteller at A Tour of Southern Ghosts, an annual fund-raiser for ART Station, held in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, at the ante-bellum plantation. On those cool fall nights beginning in mid-October, she stands poised in front of the old well in the garden and begins her tale.

"Y'all come on in and set a spell. I'd a cooked a peach pie if I'd a knowed you was comin'. Y'all remember my granny, Miss Mae, don't 'cha? There was this one time when she and her beau, who later became my Pa..."

Her Books From BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

Christmas in Mossy Creek
Homecoming in Mossy Creek
At Home in Mossy Creek
Reunion at Mossy Creek

Mossy Creek
Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes