Mary Strand

Mary StrandMary Strand practiced corporate law in a large Minneapolis law firm for sixteen years until the wonderful day when she set aside her pointy-toed shoes (well, most of them) and escaped the land of mergers and acquisitions to write novels. The very first novel she wrote, Cooper’s Folly, won Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart award, and she was off and running. Cooper’s Folly, expected to be published by Bell Bridge Books in 2014, is her very first sale. Color her thrilled!

Mary lives on a lake in Minneapolis with her husband, two cute kidlets, and a stuffed monkey named Philip. When not writing, she loves traveling and listening to live music and playing sports with reckless abandon, and her injuries on the basketball court are the stuff of Facebook legend.

If she has any vices – and she totally denies it – they might include (in no particular order) rock bands, dancing, triple-berry scones, Five Guys burgers, Cosmopolitans, her adorable little convertible, and Hugh Jackman. She’d rather not discuss exactly how many chocolate-banana crêpes she eats every time she finagles another trip to Paris. Oh, and she’s learning to play guitar. Because she wants to be a rock star when she grows up. If she ever does.

Mary writes women’s fiction and romance novels and young adult novels. You can find her at, follow her on Twitter (@Mary_Strand), or friend her on Facebook (

Her Books from BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

Cooper's Folly