Marilee Brothers

Marilee BrothersWhen she's not vacuuming up enough dog hair to create a whole new dog, Marilee is either reading and completely oblivious to the world around her, or staring at her computer screen, waiting for inspiration to strike. (She calls it writing.) Every now and then, she can be found upside-down. Praying she won't pop a vein in the process, she believes the inverted position increases blood flow to the brain. Sometimes, it just makes her dizzy.

Marilee and her husband, Merl, live in Central Washington State also known as "The Fruit Bowl of the Nation.” Unofficial motto: "We never met a fruit we didn't like.”

Having survived teaching high school students and raising three sons, Marilee is now working on the next book in the Unbidden Magic series.

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Her books from BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

Baby Gone Bye
Midnight Moon

Shadow Moon
Moon Spun
Moon Rise