Lisa Turner

Lisa TurnerBorn in Memphis, Lisa Turner spent her childhood either on the back of a horse or reading fiction. At times she did them simultaneously. Flannery O'Connor and James Lee Burke were her literary heroes long before she knew the term "Southern Gothic.”

From the experience of managing her family's interior design firm, she earned a PhD in the peculiarities of human nature . . . talk about Southern Gothic!

More recently, she and her husband bought a home in Nova Scotia, where the landscape changed from cotton fields to lobster boats. She currently shuttles between the Deep South of her childhood and the wildly beautiful coast of Nova Scotia.

"But I remain a Southern woman to the bone,” she says. "Here's how I know”:

  • I've worn elbow-length gloves in a beauty contest.
  • The term "funeral food” makes perfect sense to me.
  • I can ride, shoot, fry up catfish, and I drink my Jack Daniels neat.
  • You can't fool me with silver plate. I know sterling when I see it. That goes for men, too.
  • I can thump a watermelon and know if it's sweet.
  • I know better than to go swimming in the Mississippi River.

A Little Death in Dixie is Lisa Turner's debut novel.

Memphis TV appearance by Lisa!

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A Little Death in Dixie