L.R. Braden

L.R. Braden's love of books and art started young. With a childhood that bounced her from school to school, she spent more time reading than playing with the ever-changing cast of children. Afternoons and evenings were spent hunched over her drawing table. Then, when the lights went out, it was back to reading by the dimmest of lights so her parents wouldn't notice. She attributes both her nearsightedness and her irregular sleep patterns to this late-night habit.

After high school, she attended Colorado State University but refused to commit to a major. She ended up graduating with two: English Literature and Studio Art – Metalsmithing. Along the way she read a forest of books and picked up lots of random skills like printmaking, wood-carving, and how to accurately draw live chickens that are running around a classroom. Most importantly, she learned a lot about how to take and give criticism. She also got a job at the campus library, an occupation that has persisted though the locations have changed.

She makes her home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her wonderful husband and precocious daughter. Along with writing, art, and her family, she loves to travel, hike, camp, and kayak. She also has a weakness for sweets.

For more information, you can visit her website at lrbraden.com.

Her books from Bell Bridge Books:

A drop of Magic
Courting Darkness
Faerie Forged
Casting Shadows
Of Mettle and Magic
Demon Riding Shotgun