Jill Marie Landis

Jill Marie LandisAloha!

I should have known I was fatally attracted to all things Tiki when I made my first visit to Disneyland at the age of ten and my favorite attraction was The Enchanted Tiki Room with its fake rainstorms, dim lighting, bamboo and tapa cloth walls, over the top singing parrots, talking tikis and the hypnotic beat of tribal drums.

By the time I was thirteen I'd painted a four foot tiki image nestled in a jungle setting on the fence outside my bedroom window. Finally I had a view of something other than whitewashed boards.

Who knows why or how it happens, but if you've fallen under the spell of Tiki, then you understand the lure of the primitive, of jungle settings, of the soothing exotica sounds of Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman, and the smooth satisfaction of an icy tropical concoction fresh from the blender.

You're powerless to pass up anything truly tacky that even hints at Tiki at a yard sale or in an upscale boutique.

If you are among the most severely infected, like me, you gather most of your collection together to create a Tiki room, a Tiki bar, or a Tiki hangout somewhere in your home. There you can turn down the lights, turn on the blender, turn back time and make the world go away for a few hours.

Over the years I've slowly migrated to Hawaii where I now live with my husband. Thankfully, he understands that a Tiki Goddess just has to be a Tiki Goddess. He trips over my collection of Tiki mugs, Tiki signs, napkins, carvings, paintings, books and whatever else I drag home -- not to mention what people contribute to the "Tiki Port" -- a carport we've converted into a Tiki Bar.

Our conversations go something like this:

Tiki Goddess: "Honey, can you strap this seven foot tiki to the front of the garage?"

Hubby: "No, but I'll go get some help."

Now that's a man worthy of a Tiki Goddess.

When I'm not writing or reading on the beach I enjoy visiting with family and friends in the Tiki Port, testing new concoctions, raising orchids, and dancing the hula.

I like to pretend the "real" me IS a Tiki Goddess and not just a hard working writer penning fun mysteries about her favorite place in the world and her favorite theme: Tiki.

The Tiki Goddess (AKA Jill Marie Landis) has written over twenty-five novels which have earned distinguished awards and slots on such national bestseller lists as the USA TODAY Top 50 and the New York Times Best Sellers Plus. She is a seven-time finalist for Romance Writers of America's RITA Award in both Single Title and Contemporary Romance as well as a Golden Heart and RITA Award winner. She's written historical and contemporary romance and inspirational historical romance.

Her Books From Bell Bridge Books:

Mai Tai One On
Two to Mango
Three to Get Lei'd
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Curse of the Lost Tiki
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