Jacquelyn Cook

Jacquelyn CookAlthough Jacquelyn Cook has been a nationally published writer since 1963, selling over 500,000 copies of her first thirteen books, she considers herself first and foremost a southern author. "My goal has been to write timeless stories of lasting values," says Cook. "I want to preserve our culture and history and the beauty of out landscape, but most of all I like to reflect the southerner's love of God, country, family and fellowman."

After gaining experience in journalism, Cook started writing the five-book River series that began with The River Between, published in 1985. After twenty-five years, these books are still in demand. In 2002, Barbour Books combined four of the popular stories in one volume called Magnolias, making it the complete novel Jacquelyn desired. Now, in 2010, BelleBooks is publishing beautiful new editions of the River series.

Wanting to write a longer, more fully developed novel, Cook began a new phase of her career with Sunrise, which was released in February 2008 by BelleBooks. set in Macon, it is the fictionalized account of the true story of Anne Tracy and William Butler Johnston, who built the fabulous Johnston-Felton-Hay house in Macon, Georgia. Cook's extensive research was enhanced by family reminiscence of the Johnston's great-grandson George Felton. These personal materials made the story come alive.

Jacquelyn Cook has early ties to Macon because she majored in voice at Wesleyan Conservatory in the original building on College Street. "Memories of my days there have colored several of my books," she says.

An epic novel of the Civil War, The Gates of Trevalyan, followed in September 2008. The story of the King family on Trevalyan Plantation weaves into the tapestry of the most compelling historical figures of the time. Three love stories and exciting action keep pages turning.

The Greenwood Legacy, the true story of an amazing family who began the plantation culture that still exists in Thomasville, Georgia, was released in 2009. It has delighted all who have read this novel of faith, family, love, and courage. Mrs. Cook's family enjoys life on the ancestral farm near Lake Blackshear in Southwest Georgia. Jacquelyn's hobby is keeping flowers growing all year long. Three and a half dogs own her, two Shih Tzu lapdogs, a guardian Australian Shepherd, and the half a dog, a huge Labrador retriever who belongs to her son's family. The minute they leave home, the sociable lab visits grandmother. On holidays, the table swells with her daughter's family from the city. Everyone gathers for Jacquelyn Cook's Old South meals, especially Virginia-baked ham and devil's food cake with mocha frosting.


Her books from BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

Image in the Looking Glass
Rivers Rushing to the Sea
Beyond the Searching River
River of Fire
The Wind Along the River
The River Between
The Greenwood Legacy
The Gates of Trevalyn