Heidi Sprouse

Heidi Sprouse

I wear many hats and I think that holds true for all of us. What was it the Beatles said about Eleanor Rigby... something about wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door... who is it for? Shakespeare put it quite nicely-- "God gives us one face and we give ourselves another."

I was adopted as a baby and that started my life on the present course with wonderful parents and the magic of Ballston Lake to grow up in. I went on to college at St. Rose in Albany, knowing all along my two loves were teaching and English. I graduated and it took four years before that teaching job happened... that's to remind everyone--keep at it! For 20 years, I've taught and spent most of that time with the little ones in Pre-K. I love to watch them grow and bloom!

I've been married 19 years to the love of my life, Jim, and we have the greatest gift ever in my beautiful son, Patrick. Don't forget my buddies, Chuck and Dale, our dogs! In all these years, writing has always been stirring, urging me on until nearly three years ago,boom-- it's been non-stop ever since! It's taken roughly 10 years to get that publishing contract. Again, keep plugging away!

I'd written my first novel shortly after my father died of cancer over 10 years ago--therapy, a young adult story, "Lakeside Magic." You can find it on smashwords.com. Next came a love story, "All the Little Things," about what really matters in a relationship. Thank you to Bell Bridge Books for helping me to get my start with All the Little Things. Explore my other books at www.heidisprousewriter.com. You can also follow me on Facebook at Heidi Sprouse Writer and Twitter at Heidi Sprouse Author.

Her Books from BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

All the Little Things