Deb Stover

Deb Stover

Once Upon a Time, Deb Stover wanted to be Lois Lane, until she discovered Clark Kent is a fraud and there is no Superman. Since publication of her first novel in 1995, Stover has received dozens of awards for her cross-genre fiction, including ten Romantic Times BOOKCLUB nominations, and a Career Achievement Award in 2005. Her twelfth full-length novel, The Gift, will be released by Dorchester Publishing in November 2009.

Deb’s firm belief that individuals with disabilities must be included in society as people first is reflected in her novels. She strives to write characters readers will love, and imperfection is a fact of life. A reviewer once said, "Ms. Stover’s characters are so real — even the ghosts.”

Stover is active in many writers' organizations. She joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) in 1991. In 1994, Deb received Pikes Peak Romance Writers' Volunteer of the Year Award, and Author of the Year in 1997 and 1999. In 1998, she served as director of the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, held annually under the umbrella of the Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration. She served on the RWA National Board of Directors from 1998-2000.

Deb Stover is a native of Wichita, Kansas, but now lives in Colorado with her three children. Over the years, she and her family have also lived in Southern California, Northeastern Oklahoma, and Oregon. If you ask her which state she calls home, she'll tell you she longs for the misty firs of the Northwest, but the Rockies are still the home of her heart.

Her Books From BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

Maid Marian and the Lawman