Bert Goolsby

Bert GoolsbyBert Goolsby, a Citadel, USC, and UVA graduate, is a member of the legal profession. His published fiction includes "The Box With the Green Bow and Ribbon" (Saint Anthony Messenger, December 1996), Her Own Law (Xlibris 1998), Humanity, Darling (iUniverse 2000), Sweet Potato Biscuits and Other Stories (Cork Hill Press 2003), and Harpers' Joy (Grace Abraham Publishing 2005). His most recent publications are "The Fan Dancer" (More Sweet Tea, BelleBooks 2005), and "Truck No. 15 (Marlo Thomas, The Right Words at the Right Time, Volume 2, Atria Books 2006).

His Books From BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books:

On Grandma's Porch
More Sweet Tea